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Home EV Charger Installation

Faster charging.
Cheaper rates.

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Cheaper rates

Charge at home during off-peak hours

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No need to pay high public charging station rates. With our home EV charging systems, you can take advantage of cheaper electricity rates, especially during off-peak hours.

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Charge when you want

No more waiting in line at charging stations

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Sick of driving to a charging station only to find all the charging bays are occupied? Our home charging systems give you the flexibility to charge your EV whenever you want, allowing you to optimise your charging schedule to meet your daily needs.

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Faster charging

Up to 9x faster charging speeds.

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No more waiting in your car at charging stations, or waiting overnight to charge via a home plug socket. Just plug into our home EV charger and enjoy 7kW–22kW fast charging. A three-pin plug socket charges at a much slower rate of 2.3kW.

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Monitor your consumption

Integrate into your home’s energy management system

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Our home EV chargers can be integrated into your home’s energy management system, allowing you to monitor your charging, energy consumption, and costs more effectively.

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Why Everyone's Energy?

With Everyone’s Energy’s home EV charger installation, there’s no hard sell – just an honest, friendly and reliable service that’s driven by cheaper energy for everyone.

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Your peace of mind is our top priority. As an accredited provider, we ensure meticulous compliance with the latest industry regulations and safety standards. Feel confident in our high-quality solar and renewable energy systems for your home or business, allowing you to dramatically reduce your energy bills. The energy revolution has begun!

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Our partner pick: myenergi

myenergi’s zappi is a smart EV charger with a difference. Not only does it operate as a traditional EV charger, but it can also charge your EV using 100% FREE energy generated from your Solar PV or wind generation systems.

Charge any electric vehicle or hybrid

zappi will charge any EV or hybrid. Choose between tethered or untethered. Untethered chargers come without a cable attached and instead, you’d use your own cable, which is often supplied with your EV.

Charge your way

Take control of how you charge your EV. zappi boasts three charge modes, ECO, ECO+ and FAST. In FAST charge mode, zappi operates like an ordinary electric vehicle charger. If you have wind or solar energy installation at your home, zappi’s Eco options enable you to charge your car using the free energy you produce.

Cheaper to install

The zappi is the only charger of its kind to have PEN fault technology, eliminating the need for an earth rod. This makes it cheaper to install, easier to install and the safest charger on the market.

Power at your fingertips

Use the myenergi app to remotely control & monitor your EV charging and get access to the latest firmware updates.

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myenergy zappi wall-mount EV charger.

More money-saving solutions

Produce your own energy

Solar PV

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Man holding up a solar PV panel on a roof during an installation.
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Store your own energy

Battery Storage

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Solar PV panels installed on the roof of a house with a garage.
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Reduce energy bills

Commercial Solar PV

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Rows of solar PV panels on a large roof with countryside and sunset in the background.
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What are the home EV charger installation requirements?

As long as you have off-street parking, legal property ownership or permission from the owner, and use a qualified electrician who adheres to safety standards, in most cases your home will be suitable for an EV charger.

Get in touch with our EV charger installation consultants now for friendly advice. We’ll guide you through all the home EV charger installation considerations, including the location of your vehicle’s charging port, whether you choose tethered or untethered, and whether you require a Type 1 or Type 2 charger. We can organise the entire installation, using our team of qualified electricians. Ultimately, we’re here to find the best EV charging solution for your needs.

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How are home EV chargers installed?

We’ll send a qualified electrician to come and assess your home, determine the optimal location of your EV charging port, and connect the charger to your electrical supply, ensuring compliance with safety standards. This process typically takes a few hours, providing a quick and efficient installation.

Where will my home EV charger be installed?

Every home is different. However, our home EV charger technicians will ensure your charging port is strategically located for vehicle access and proximity to your electrical supply and Wi-Fi connection.

Why do EV chargers need Wi-Fi?

EV chargers require Wi-Fi for smart features like remote monitoring, scheduling, and integration with your home energy management systems, enhancing convenience. If you connect your Solar PV System to your home EV charger so you can charge your car via solar energy, Wi-Fi also offers the added benefit of monitoring and managing your energy production and EV charging remotely.

Can I install an EV charger myself?

It’s strongly recommended not to install a home EV charger yourself due to health and safety concerns, unless you’re a qualified professional. Rules and regulations should be followed to ensure a safe and compliant installation.