Group-buying of quality solar
panels at a highly competitive price.

A better price for Everyone.

Everyone’s Energy UK is proud and excited to announce our new partnership with Solar Together, a group-buying scheme that brings together households and local authorities across the country to get high quality solar panels at highly competitive prices.

The scheme is now open to selected locations to residents who own their own house or have permission from the landlord to install solar pv, enabling them to install solar technology on their homes at an affordable price.

The best solution for your Home

We have been successful in completing 3 past schemes in – the WECA region, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire, resulting in 100s of happy customers!

Our bid for the Suffolk & Norfolk scheme has been successful and we look forward to bringing affordable and sustainable energy to even more households in the UK.

Join a growing group of homeowners with the shared interest of leveraging their group buying power to obtain better prices for solar PV and battery storage systems.

If you are a East Suffolk or Kings Lynn & West Suffolk resident, you can now register for free and without obligation for the group-buying scheme.

For more information contact one of our solar consultants on 0800 994 9123 or email


“The only shock you’ll get is how much money you’ll save”

Freephone: 0800 994 9123