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A better price for everyone

Everyone’s Energy UK is proud and excited to announce our new partnership with Solar Together, a group-buying scheme that brings together households and local authorities across the country to get high quality solar panels at highly competitive prices.

The scheme is now open to selected locations to residents who own their own house or have permission from the landlord to install solar pv, enabling them to install solar technology on their homes at an affordable price.

Overhead of four groups of solar PV panels installed across two roofs.
Direct overhead of four groups of solar PV panels installed on two roofs.


If you are a Suffolk resident, you can now register for free and without obligation for the group-buying scheme.

The Best Solution For Your Home

We have been successful in completing 3 past schemes in – the WECA region, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire, resulting in 100s of happy customers!

Our bid for the Suffolk & Norfolk scheme has been successful and we look forward to bringing affordable and sustainable energy to even more households in the UK.

Join a growing group of homeowners with the shared interest of leveraging their group buying power to obtain better prices for solar PV and battery storage systems.

Solar Together logo.

Hertfordshire: 193 jobs completed

Being a company that was built from the ground up in the Hertfordshire area, winning the tender for the Solar Together scheme in Q4 of 2022 and going on to install solar systems in nearly 200 properties across the region was a significant milestone for the business.

We are pleased to have established ourselves as the go-to local installer and it is a pleasure to service the energy requirements of customers right on our doorstep.

Sheila Ferguson

Great people to work with; always prompt responses to phone calls and emails; excellent workforce who are always efficient, competent and good humoured.

Solar PV panels installed on a roof with sky in the background.

Cambridgeshire: 387 jobs completed

We commenced the Cambridgeshire Solar Together Scheme in March 2022. Much like the rest of the world, the solar industry was affected by global supply chain issues associated with the period. However, this did not stop Everyone’s Energy. Through the resilience of our workforce and the goodwill and co-operation of Cambridgeshire residents, we went on to install systems in nearly 400 homes across 18 months.

We continue to maintain a good presence in the region, servicing the on-going needs of old customers and installing for new customers as private requests and referrals continue to come through to us

Jacqueline Davidson - Wow this company has exceeded my expectations

Wow this company has exceeded my expectations. The income and much lower bills we are generating from our panels using Octopus flux tariff means the cost of the panel and installation will be fully covered within 4 years and then we will have free energy for ever. A good company with a friendly and reliable service. Any issues we had have been dealt with within 48 hours.

Individual solar PV panels placed separately on a roof in a residential area.

WECA (West of England Combined Authority): 305 jobs completed

Everyone’s Energy first spread our reach across the South of England in September 2021, servicing customers throughout the West of England Combined Authority through the Solar Together scheme, covering mainly Bristol and South Gloucestershire. With 305 customers installed in total, we were provided a taste of how to best deliver our aim of providing solar energy to as many customers as possible, at affordable prices.

Richard Whiteman - A Great Experience

Everyone's Energy installed solar panels and a battery storage system as part of the South Gloucestershire Council 'Solar Together' scheme. The entire process was straightforward and professional - with a personal touch. This company are friendly from the top down, and are committed to providing great customer satisfaction. Highly recommended.

Solar PV panels installed on a steeply slanted roof in a residential area.