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Independence from rising energy costs

Jane Stone – Bristol

Jane was desperate to save on her energy bills. She’d been considering renewable solar energy for a while but wasn’t truly convinced by the financial benefits of making the switch. However, with the cost of energy from traditional sources becoming increasingly unaffordable, she knew something had to change. As well as having doubts about whether solar energy could save her money, she also thought the panels might negatively impact the appearance of her home. These concerns were quickly put to rest after seeing other installations in her local area.

Solar PV panels installed on a roof with a chimney.


battery storage
produced per year

A seamless installation process

Thomas Brown – Cambridgeshire

Thomas initially approached a different company to complete his Solar PV installation. With the job half complete, the company entered liquidation forcing the customer to make alternative arrangements. When he came to Everyone’s Energy, he still had concerns about the size and pitch of his roof, as well as the age of his property. Nonetheless, we found a suitable solution that involved installing a total of 14 solar PV panels. After an earlier negative experience, Thomas described the interaction with our experts throughout the installation process as “fun and reasonable” and now reaps the benefits of an effective and efficient solar system.

Overhead of a detached house with solar PV panels on the roof in a residential area.


Battery Storage
per year produced