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Excellent throughout our solar panel experience

David Clapham – Hertfordshire

Great product and great service

Everyone's energy has been excellent throughout our solar panel experience. From the initial computer-based survey to indicate whether or not it was worth pursuing, through a very thorough and friendly on-site survey to the detailed plans and the actual installation the firm kept us well informed. Their help desk was very responsive and the agents knowledgeable and helpful. The scaffolders, panel installers and electricians were efficient, friendly and did their jobs well. And the installed system is working even better than we had expected!

Direct overhead of solar PV panels installed on a roof next to a chimney.


per year produced
4550 kwh

I can unhesitatingly recommend this company

Jane Stone

Excellent Company

I can unhesitatingly recommend this company. They are polite and professional and at a time when delivery can be somewhat uncertain, everything was finished on time. I really appreciated all the input about the installation. The app is a good source of real-time information, and this coupled with our smart meter shows how efficient the panels are. At a time when the cost of energy is increasing exponentially, it is a relief to finally have something that really alleviates this. Additionally, the engineers and fitters were polite and professional. Any problems, a quick phone call sorted it, even to reinstalling the app after the delivery of a new broadband router. Twelve panels were installed in April and we have barely used any electricity from the grid. We will be using this company for any further work of this nature.

Solar PV panels installed on a roof with a chimney.


battery storage
produced per year