Who are Everyone's Energy?


Everyone’s Energy provides exactly what it says in the title. Energy for everyone! – namely sustainable, renewable and affordable. Imagine discovering you can save thousands of pounds by switching to renewable energy and escape the ever increasing annual bills of using electricity and gas as your main source of energy.

As the world moves forward, everyday people are looking to new ways to save on costs as we move into a new future. The old way of doing things is changing rapidly. Everyone’s Energy are here to provide everyday people from all walks of life, BIG savings on their monthly utility bills by providing a range of renewable energy services the not only help reduce everyone’s carbon footprint, but also save costs along the way. Everyone’s Energy…. it’s for everyone!


Over the last few years, we have had a lot of discussions with homeowners and business owners across the U.K. resulting in the overall view that the renewable industry has not completely fulfilled its potential. We have discovered that there are a lot of ‘forgotten’ customers as many of the companies have dissolved and left people in a dark place.

There is a view that since the Feed-In-Tariff reduced and eventually disappeared in 2019, that solar PV systems are no longer worth the investment. However, we are here to tell you that there has never been a better time!

Everyone’s Energy U.K have set out to achieve one goal and that is to supply the U.K. with the BEST technology on the market for the LOWEST overall pricing, to give EVERYONE the chance of reducing energy dependence.


Jordan Brown – Managing Director

“Having worked in the renewable energy sector for a number of years, I felt more could be done to support everyday people across the UK when it comes to saving costs on their annual energy bills. I started Everyone’s Energy with Finn  after seeing the postive feedback from happy customers on their savings, with this in mind, there was only one place I was going to give my energy to.”

Fintan Rawlings – Director

“Coming from an electrical background I have always been interested in the renewable sector and what it has to offer for people and the planet. I am a big believer in green energy and strive to be a part of a carbon neutral society. Saving people money along the way is a just a massive bonus! I invite you to join us on our exciting journey and be part of the energy revolution.”

“The only shock you’ll get is how much money you’ll save”

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