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Commercial solar panel installer UK

Cut energy bills.
Reduce overheads.
Rapid ROI.

Become energy independent

Protect your business from energy price hikes

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Reduce reliance on fluctuating energy prices by generating your business’s energy from the sun, independent of energy companies. Become more resilient to power outages and grid failures by harnessing commercial solar PV and battery storage solutions. When business never stops, neither should your power.

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Rapid ROI

Return on investment in just two years

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Businesses are facing high electricity costs, often exceeding £1/kW. With such large roof spaces, commercial buildings are perfect for installing multiple commercial solar PV panels. That’s why our business customers typically achieve ROI within just two years and often see an instant increase in their property value.

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Solar-powered savings

Up to 80% off your business's electricity bill*

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Are sky-high electricity bills becoming a burden on your business? Save up to 80% on your electricity bills through our commercial solar power installations. And further cut costs by up to 20% with our 100% tax-deductible voltage optimisers, freeing capital for reinvestment and offering a substantial savings incentive for long-term growth.

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Sustainability success

Reduce your carbon footprint

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Demonstrate your business’s commitment to sustainability. Contribute to a cleaner, greener environment. An eco-friendly and modern workplace is also attractive to both investors and top talent.

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Increase revenue

Generate revenue from your excess energy

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Amp up your profits. The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) tariff enables your business to earn extra revenue by selling the excess energy you produce to the grid.

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Why Everyone's Energy?

We understand the importance of finding the right commercial solar panel installers for your business, as well as conducting an effective tendering process. With Everyone’s Energy, we’re here to make it easy. There’s no hard sell – just an honest, friendly and reliable service that’s driven by cheaper energy for you and your business.

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Friendly service

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Dedicated account manager

Performance and reliability.

As one of the highest-rated commercial solar panel installers on the market, we choose FoX ESS as our preferred manufacturer for solar PV inverters. Here are just some of the reasons Fox ESS inverters have unparalleled performance and reliability:

High efficiency
Achieve maximum efficiency, ranging from 97.4% (single-phase) to 98.6% (three-phase), ensuring optimal energy conversion.

High reliability
Fox ESS adopts integrated die-casting craft and only the highest-quality domestic and imported components. All inverters are IP 65 rated, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Real-time insights
Easily monitor your commercial solar PV system using the FoxCloud web portal or smartphone app, providing real-time insights and control.

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Man holding up a solar PV panel on a roof during an installation.

Save up to 20% instantly with Voltsmart

An overly high voltage damages appliances, reducing performance and lifespan. The Voltsmart Voltage Reducer ensures efficient voltage flow, preventing damage and optimising longevity and appliance performance, instantly saving you up to 20% on your energy bills.

Solar PV panels on the roof of a house above a large window.

Compliance without the complications

We ensure your business’s solar PV system is fully compliant with all local and national regulations. We take care of the compliance process, submitting the proposal to your DNO (Distribution Network Operator) and dealing with any other regulatory demands, so you can focus on property insurance and planning.

Solar PV panels installed on the roof of a house with a garage.

More money-saving solutions

Produce your own energy

Solar PV

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Man holding up a solar PV panel on a roof during an installation.
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Store your own energy

Battery Storage

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Solar PV panels installed on the roof of a house with a garage.
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Cheaper at cheaper rates

EV Charging

EV Charging Plug
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Our commercial clients

I can unhesitatingly recommend this company

Jane Stone

Excellent Company

I can unhesitatingly recommend this company. They are polite and professional and at a time when delivery can be somewhat uncertain, everything was finished on time. I really appreciated all the input about the installation. The app is a good source of real-time information, and this coupled with our smart meter shows how efficient the panels are. At a time when the cost of energy is increasing exponentially, it is a relief to finally have something that really alleviates this. Additionally, the engineers and fitters were polite and professional. Any problems, a quick phone call sorted it, even to reinstalling the app after the delivery of a new broadband router. Twelve panels were installed in April and we have barely used any electricity from the grid. We will be using this company for any further work of this nature.

Solar PV panels installed on a roof with a chimney.


battery storage
produced per year

Nothing was too much trouble for the team

Thomas Brown – GET / Peterborough

Fantastic service from a friendly and efficient company

Everyone’s Energy have just completed our solar energy installation. The installation was carried out in a highly professional manner and its state-of-the-art components are working beautifully. We would particularly like to emphasise the quality of the customer service. Nothing was too much trouble for the team. They kept us informed of progress and answered every question however trivial. I would unreservedly recommend the company to anyone considering a solar energy installation.

Overhead of a detached house with solar PV panels on the roof in a residential area.


Battery Storage
per year produced

Protect your investment

Commercial solar panel maintenance

We offer a range of commercial solar panel maintenance options to suit you and your business. With Everyone’s Energy, you can feel confident that your business solar panels and system will be cleaned, serviced and maintained to ensure maximum performance and longevity.


Are commercial solar panels worth it?

Absolutely! Commercial solar panels are a wise investment for businesses, providing immediate cost savings by reducing energy expenses, long-term financial benefits, and the opportunity to earn extra revenue by selling excess energy to the grid. Commercial solar panels help businesses preserve capital and hedge against future energy price volatility while showcasing a business commitment to a greener future. 

How big are commercial solar panels?

Commercial solar panels sizes vary dramatically, but you can generally expect the size to be 1–1.5m width by 1.7–2.2m height, with an expected efficiency rating between 22%–25%.

How much energy does a commercial solar panel produce?

A single commercial solar panel will typically produce between 450–650w. Even on cloudy days, modern advances in technology mean that solar panels can still produce plenty of energy to power your business. 

How long do commercial solar panels last?

With regular maintenance, commercial solar panels should last up to 30 years. With Everyone’s Energy’s solar battery storage solutions and inverters, we provide a warranty of 10 years, however, you can expect them to last up to 16 years.

What is the warranty period?

All products sold by us are covered by our own 10-year workmanship warranty period, alongside the product manufacturer’s warranty. Your peace of mind is paramount.

Who regulates solar panel companies in the UK?

UK solar panel companies are regulated by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). MCS is a standards organisation that certifies microgeneration products and installers, including solar panels. Many UK government initiatives, like FiT and SEG, require MCS certification for eligibility.