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Fully Accredited

Your peace of mind is our top priority. As an accredited provider, we ensure meticulous compliance with the latest industry regulations and safety standards. Feel confident in our high-quality solar and renewable energy systems for your home or business, allowing you to dramatically reduce your energy bills. The energy revolution has begun!

Putting the power in your hands

Everyone is entitled to fair energy. Everyone’s Energy provides renewable, clean and green energy-saving solutions for customers across the UK. Produce and store renewable energy for your home with our solar energy systems and battery storage solutions. And take advantage of cheaper rates with our home EV charging solutions. With Everyone’s Energy, we provide cost-saving solutions for… everyone!

We’re shifting the balance of power. Say goodbye to huge energy bills and price hikes.

Say hello to taking control of your own energy. Our mission is to help you reduce your energy bills and save serious money. And with our available finance options, you can start saving today.

Your money-saving solutions

Produce your own energy

Solar PV

Illustration showing solar panel connectivity
Man holding up a solar PV panel on a roof during an installation.
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Store your own energy

Battery Storage

Two batteries with charging indicators
Solar PV panels installed on the roof of a house with a garage.
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Cheaper at cheaper rates

EV Charging

EV Charging Plug
Person connecting an electric car to an EV charging station
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How we help reduce your energy bills

Say no to sky-high electricity bills. Our solar PV and battery storage systems enable you to produce and store your own energy, so you can power your home or business with renewable energy around the clock.

Our EV charger systems empower you to take advantage of cheaper electricity rates during off-peak hours, as well as rapidly increasing charging speeds. And our friendly finance options ensure you can reap the benefits of renewable energy and cheaper bills today!

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Our Clients

Significant energy bill savings

Kate Garlick – Hertfordshire

For Kate, installing a solar system was a key part of a long-term savings plan. The prospect of living comfortably in retirement was looking increasingly bleak as energy bills continued to skyrocket. One of the main concerns people have when deciding if they should purchase solar panels is whether it will be worthwhile financially, and Kate was no different. She wasn’t sure how much she’d be able to save while having to finance her initial investment. After receiving advice from our experts, she decided to go ahead with the installation and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. She’s already slashed her energy bills and was so impressed by our service that she’s now looking to optimise her savings by upgrading her solar battery storage system.

Vertical row of solar PV panels installed on one half of a roof.


Battery Size
Energy Delivered (per year)
3350 kWh

Solar PV + Battery Storage

Isabela – Cambridgeshire

While the financial benefits of solar PV panels are always attractive, Isabela was particularly conscious of the environment and wanted to produce her own renewable energy. She aimed to reduce her carbon footprint by becoming less reliant on grid energy that predominantly comes from burning harmful fossil fuels. The only reason she hadn’t already committed to solar power was that she was waiting for a solution that combined panels and battery storage. Much to her delight, this was something Everyone’s Energy could provide. The customer’s bespoke solar system gives her the freedom to either use energy as it’s being absorbed by her panels, or to store it in her batteries for use outside of daylight hours. Both options help her to save money and the planet.

Overhead of a house with solar PV panels on both sides of the roof.


per year produced
6500 kWh