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Solar Panels Cost UK: Investment, Installation and ROI

Firstly, congratulations! If you’re exploring the cost of UK solar panels and the benefits of installing solar PV in your home, you’re already one step towards energy independence.

Solar PV offers lots of benefits, with savings of between 20–80% on your energy bills and protection against energy price hikes. There’s also the bonus of selling the excess energy you produce back to the grid.

In this article, we’ll explore the costs, benefits and return on investment from the most abundant energy source on earth.

How much are solar panels?

The panels themselves only make up a portion of how much a solar panel installation will cost. Prices will inevitably vary between providers who base their costs on several different factors. The most obvious of those is the size of the panel. Larger panels generally bring greater costs, but it’s important to remember that you will require fewer of these panels to receive a similar output to smaller panels, potentially balancing out the cost.

Solar panels that look similar in shape and size can also be greatly different in terms of quality. The efficiency of a solar panel is determined by the percentage of solar energy hitting the surface that’s converted into electricity for general use. This could’ve been as low as 15% in the past but has seen a general rise to 20–22%, or even 22–24% on the higher end.

The efficiency of a solar panel at the start of its life is an important point to consider, but you must be aware that they won’t remain at their maximum efficiency forever. While degradation is less of an issue following the rollout of N-Type solar technology, which utilises phosphorus for its ability to remain pure for longer, panels will still lose efficiency over time. Some panels may stay as high as 92% after 25 years while others will fall significantly quicker. Both the efficiency and degradation rate will come into play when determining the cost of UK solar panels.

Solar PV panels installed on a roof with sky in the background.


How much is solar panel installation?

At Everyone’s Energy, we’re proud to provide a VAT-free service to keep the cost of your solar panel installation to an absolute minimum. Our prices for averaged-sized systems typically range from £4,000 to £10,000.

How much a solar panel installation costs is partly determined by the number of panels you require. However, this isn’t the only aspect of the job that you’ll have to pay for.

Installing solar panels is the same as having any other work done on your home whereby it takes both time and materials. Scaffolding is required to provide access to your roof while electricians and engineers are needed to ensure your panels are properly connected to your electricity network.

These are just the standard requirements of any solar panel installation but other considerations may also be involved. For example, certain types of roofs can offer unique challenges, groundwork may need to take place to lay cables for the connections, or you might have specific demands such as not wanting the panels to be in a particular spot. All of these factors can influence the price.

For an accurate quote, chat with one of our trusted advisors, who can guide you on precisely what your home will need.

Man kneeling down and placing a solar PV panel on a roof.

How many solar panels will I need for my house?

While some properties may require more, the number of solar panels usually ranges from 4–20 per home. This is partly determined by the size of your property and your energy consumption, but it isn’t as simple as just installing the number it takes to meet your household demand.

An inverter is a vital part of any solar system and greatly impacts the number of panels you need. The device works by converting the direct current sent by the panels to alternating current that your home appliances run on. Your inverter will have more or less capacity to convert energy depending on its size, meaning under-sizing your inverter would result in your output being capped below the maximum potential of your solar panels.

Thankfully, advancements in both panel and inverter technology mean this is less of an issue than it once would have been. Even customers with limited space now have several options available to them and contacting our advisors is the best way to find the right one for your needs.

Solar PV panels installed on a roof with an owl perched on the corner.

How long does solar panel installation take?

There is no long waiting period when it comes to installing solar panels. Our experienced team makes the process as straightforward as possible, with fast and simple VAT-free installation in just two days. This means you’ll be reaping the benefits of cheaper energy bills in next to no time.

Completing an installation efficiently relies upon us knowing exactly what we need to do prior to attending the job. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our advisors so we can discuss the requirements of your property and lifestyle.

Are solar panels a good investment?

Understanding their purpose is key to answering whether solar panels are a good investment. They generate electricity by absorbing sunlight, an unlimited source of energy, which comes with several long-term benefits.

Solar panels can significantly reduce your energy bills, particularly during winter months. In the summer and possibly throughout the rest of the year it is likely that you’ll generate excess energy that can either be stored for use outside of daylight hours via a battery storage solution, or expired back to the grid for payment. Both options can help you save anywhere between 20-80% on your bills!

It isn’t just your wallet that will feel the benefits of solar panels. Turning to this renewable form of energy will also lower your carbon footprint so you can rest assured that you’re playing your part in helping the environment.

A group of buildings with Solar PV panels on the roof taken from above.

Will solar panels save me money?

If you want solar panels to save you money then you need to be in it for the long run given their up-front cost. Customers can expect to make their money back in anywhere from 4-12 years but usually fall in the 6–10 year bracket on average.

One of the most important factors that influences ROI is ensuring you find the right balance between the number of solar panels and the number of batteries. Having an abundance of panels will help you generate a lot of energy but you’ll only be able to use it during daylight hours if your battery storage capacity is insufficient. It’s likely you’d still have to pay for energy during darker hours limiting the amount of money you can save.

Conversely, investing in lots of batteries if you aren’t producing the energy to store in them is not worthwhile either. Falling into either of these traps will quickly make you decide that solar panels are expensive.

If you have the right balance then solar panels can futureproof your energy security. According to the Office for National Statistics, the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN) January 2022, 79% of respondents cited higher gas and electricity bills as the primary cause for a rise in their cost of living. These are exactly the kind of energy price hikes you can avoid by installing solar panels.

Society has also taken great strides towards wider use of electrical technology in recent times, whether it be electric vehicles, modern appliances or otherwise. By following this trend your energy consumption is only likely to increase, which would ordinarily result in higher bills. Purchasing solar panels early will allow you to avoid these price increases and reduce the time it takes to make your money back.

With fast and VAT-free solar panel installation from just £4,000 and 20–80% savings on your bills, it’s time to give solar PV the green light.

Having the opportunity to future-proof your energy production isn’t limited to a minority few. Advancements in solar panel and battery technology mean a solution can be found for virtually any property, irrespective of what direction your home faces, how large your roof is or how much sun you see. All we recommend is that you contact one of our professional, trustworthy advisors so we can offer the best solution for you.