Solar PV

Produce Your Own

Produce Your Own

Solar Energy is now the cheapest and most abundant energy source in the world. Many people just like you are making the switch to cleaner and greener solar powered energy.

Solar energy can provide power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With savings to be made of 80% on your average annual bills – there’s never been a better time to the switch to Everyone’s Energy.

5 Reasons To Use Solar

Quick Installations

With our installers expertise an average solar install take 6-8 hours from start to finish. Leaving the property just as we found it creating happy customers.

Immediate Savings

Every new solar installation we advise our customers to switch energy supplier, this speeds up the savings process with immediate effect!

Create Energy Independence

Utilise your day light – By using the most abundant energy source that we are gifted by nature, you will take back control of energy production and usage!

Reduce Carbon Footprint

A lot of our customers are very aware of the environment and the ever changing climate, by investing in a solar pv set-up your not only saving money but your also doing your bit to save the planet for future generations.

Low Risk High Yield Investment

We have found through extensive research, once installing a solar pv set up, alone it will substantially outperform your typical bank based investments such as ISA’s and Bonds, there has never been a better time to go solar.

(standard set up: 12 panels, 4kw system producing 10-15 kilowatts per day*) This will feed the average houshold useage of 8-10 kilowatts*.

Cutting Edge Technology

Solar Edge Solar PV

All products sold by us are covered by our own warranty alongside the excellent manufacturers guarantee. Your peace of mind is important to us.

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Your Questions Answered

I didn’t think it was a good investment now that the government has taken away the payments?

This is a general misconception, however, since the Feed In Tariff has disappeared for new installs the price of solar has deducted massively! Now you can install a solar PV system a power saving device from £4,500. On average we aim to show our customers savings of up to 80%, this can vary depending on individually circumstances. However solar installations are now seen as an exceptionally low risk investment with substantial returns.

My property is not south facing – I’ve been told I can’t have them

If you’ve looked into solar before you should know that the technology has improved massively and we supply fully bespoke optimised systems that ensure we make the most out of sunlight and daylight regardless of direction.

Solar is far to overpriced, it will take me years to get a return

With the price of solar components reducing dramatically over the last few years and the government incentive being slowed down, a full set up is now very affordable for the average household. This is why our aim is to provide EVERYONE with this abundant and affordable energy.

I am always at work, so if I install solar, I will not get a benefit, will I?

With solar smart battery systems producing your own energy does not go to waste. Check out our battery storage page to find out more. (Store Your Own)

I was looking into solar years back and my roof was not big enough for a system, so we decided against it

Solar has changed dramatically over the years and technology has reached a new peak. This means panels capacity have grown so you do not need a greatly large roof space to make it work. Our expertise in this market ensure that we can advise fully the best type of system for you so that you can get the best out of your roof space no matter the size.

Get in contact today for the best advice on the market!

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Store your own energy

Air Source

Generate your own energy

More reasons to switch...

“The only shock you’ll get is how much money you’ll save”

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