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Everyone’s Energy provides exactly what it says in the title. Energy for everyone in Hoddesdon! – namely sustainable, renewable and affordable. Imagine discovering you can save thousands of pounds by switching to renewable energy and escape the ever increasing annual bills of using electricity and gas as your main source of energy.

As the world moves forward, everyday people are looking to new ways to save on costs as we move into a new future. The old way of doing things is changing rapidly. Everyone’s Energy are here to provide everyday people from all walks of life, BIG savings on their monthly utility bills by providing a range of renewable energy services the not only help reduce everyone’s carbon footprint, but also save costs along the way. Everyone’s Energy…. it’s for everyone!


Solar PV

Produce your own energy

Battery Storage

Store your own energy

Air Source

Generate your own energy



5 Reasons To Use Solar

1: Quick Installations (i)

With our installers expertise an average solar install take 6-8 hours from start to finish. Leaving the property just as we left it creating happy customers.

2: Immediate Savings (i)

Every new solar installation we advise our customers to switch energy supplier, this speeds up the savings process with immediate effect!

3: Create Energy Independence (i)

Utilise your day light – By using the most abundant energy source they we a gifted by nature, you will take back control of energy production and usage!

4: Reduce Carbon Footprint (i)

A lot of our customers are very aware of the environment and the ever changing climate, by investing in a solar pv set-up your not only saving money but your also doing your bit to save the planet for future generations.

5: Low Risk High Yield Investment (i)

We have found through extensive research, once installing a solar pv set up, alone it will substantially outperform your typical bank based investments such as ISA’s and Bonds, there has never been a better time to go solar.

Join the 10 Million extra housholds who will have solar installed by the end of 2020 (standard set up: 12 panels, 4kw system producing 10-15 kilowatts per day*) This will feed the average houshold useage of 8-10 kilowatts*.

Cutting Edge Technology

Solar Edge Solar PV

All products sold by us are covered by our own warranty alongside the excellent manufacturers guarantee. Your peace of mind is important to us.

Customer Aftercare


I have had my Solar Panels since December2019

I have had my Solar Panels since December last year. Jordan was very good at explaining the benefits of much lower bills,seeing the dial going round and knowing it is the sun is a great feeling. If you are thinking of getting Solar panels, you can't beat Jordan and his Company Everyone's Energy UK.

Beryl McGibbon

United Kingdom

Great job! Thanks Everyone's Energy

I have been actively looking online for a reliable solar panel company and I came across Everyone's Energy UK on google. After speaking to the director, Fintan on a Zoom and shown a few different options, we decided to go with a full panel set up with 12 panels and a battery add on. Beat all quotes I had previously received and installations were quick and hassle-free. Couldn't recommend any higher. Thank you Everyone's Energy.

James Holt

United Kingdom

Service and batteries

Was approached by Everyone's Energy when looking for someone to take over maintenance contract as company who originally installed my solar panels in 2015 had ceased trading. Had a pleasant visit from Jordan, who knew all about the system we had installed and confirmed it was working efficiently. We then discussed back up battery power, which we did not have added on to our system at the time of installation due to the prohibitive cost. We went through the options and came up with a reasonable price, below my expectations. When the engineer came to fit he was also knowledgable concerning its operation, and the best place to locate the battery. I have had no problems with the system, and consider myself to be a satisfied customer.

Michael Clarke

United Kingdom

Excellent. Recommended

I selected this company to install a 7.2 kw system to compliment my solar panels and provide an energy back up to prevent business interruption.
The system was installed without any issues and the electrician was very helpful in advising about placement etc.
The system has been up and running for around three months and it has made a significant difference to my energy usage and more importantly my energy feed in has increased reducing my electricity bills by a significant amount.
I would recommend this company without hesitation.
Robin Graham

Mr. Graham

United Kingdom