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Take control

Store your own energy and only use what's needed

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With our solar panel battery storage systems, you can store excess energy your solar panels have produced and use it only when you need it. You’ll benefit from more freedom of energy usage and reduce your grid dependence, which in turn saves you money.

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Save money

Buy cheap and use peak

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Many of our solar battery storage customers in Hertfordshire take advantage of the Economy 7 ‘style’ tariff. This allows you to store your own electricity in your smart battery on the lower rate and use during peak hours. This will reduce your bill even further.

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Protect yourself from energy price hikes

No more depending on electricity companies

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Electricity prices in the UK have risen by 40% in the past two years. Storing your own via a solar panel battery storage system protects you against the rises that we come across year after year.

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Store it and sell it

Earn money selling excess energy

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Unlock the potential of our home battery storage systems with our battery supplier, FOX ESS. Intelligently manage excess energy. Store it in the battery, or get paid to sell it back to the National Grid.

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Fast VAT-free installation

Installed in less than a day

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Our solar panel battery storage systems are installed in one day. Our installation experts can fit the battery to an existing system, or you can benefit from 0% VAT when installed with our solar panels!

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Why Everyone's Energy?

It makes us incredibly proud when our customers say we’ve got their back. That’s why we’re rated on Trustpilot as one of the best solar panel installers in Hertfordshire. With Everyone’s Energy, there’s no hard sell – just an honest, friendly and reliable service that’s driven by cheaper energy for everyone.

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Over 1000 systems installed

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Your local solar panel and battery storage installers

Everyone’s Energy is based in Hertfordshire, with many of our customers on our doorstep. We believe the local community deserves the best so we offer the very best deals to Hertfordshire residents. 

You’ll also benefit from a strong network of Hertfordshire-based solar panel installation & maintenance experts in your area, meaning you’re never far away from our friendly and helpful team when you need them.

Person placing solar PV panels on a roof.

Our partner pick: FOX ESS

Everyone’s Energy is proud to be part of the FOX Elite Installer Programme. We chose FOX as our featured partner due to the calibre, flexibility and scalability of its products.

Superior products

FOX’s market-leading products provide unrivalled levels of performance. The K Series single-phase hybrid inverter with 4 MPPTs is capable of delivering an impressive 10.5kW of continuous charge/discharge. FOX’s product suite includes a variety of options, from 600W dual-panel microinverters to 110kW 3-phase inverters. Whether you need single-phase or 3-phase hybrid solutions up to 30kW, Everyone’s Energy and Fox have a comprehensive range to meet your needs.

Flexible and scalable

FOX ESS Series batteries are wireless, plug-in high-voltage modules offered in 2.88kWh, 4.14kWh, and 4.66kWh options. These batteries are stackable in series, providing a scalable solution. You can scale your storage from 5.76kWh to 32.62kWh in single-phase or from 8.64kWh to 83.88kWh in three-phase configurations. Additionally, you can multiply these figures by 10 by installing inverters in parallel!

Easy to install

Everyone’s Energy installers can install your batteries in less than a day. The batteries seamlessly connect in series without the need for external cabling, and they come with built-in fuse protection. Single-phase inverters easily link to the power supply using a simple CT clamp, ensuring a fast and hassle-free setup.

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More money-saving solutions

Cheaper at cheaper rates

EV Charging

EV Charging Plug
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Reduce energy bills

Commercial Solar PV

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Our Clients

Significant energy bill savings

Kate Garlick – Hertfordshire

For Kate, installing a solar system was a key part of a long-term savings plan. The prospect of living comfortably in retirement was looking increasingly bleak as energy bills continued to skyrocket. One of the main concerns people have when deciding if they should purchase solar panels is whether it will be worthwhile financially, and Kate was no different. She wasn’t sure how much she’d be able to save while having to finance her initial investment. After receiving advice from our experts, she decided to go ahead with the installation and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. She’s already slashed her energy bills and was so impressed by our service that she’s now looking to optimise her savings by upgrading her solar battery storage system.

Vertical row of solar PV panels installed on one half of a roof.


Battery Size
Energy Delivered (per year)
3350 kWh

Protecting the planet

Simon Marham – Hertfordshire

Reducing reliance on the grid and limiting the impact of steep energy price hikes were the main reasons why Simon was attracted to solar PV. He wanted to secure greater energy independence and control over his bills. While the decision to purchase solar panels wasn’t taken lightly, he was convinced it was the right decision after reading the wealth of positive reviews Everyone’s Energy has received. Following a successful and efficient installation, Simon now enjoys peace of mind knowing he won’t be greatly impacted should the cost of energy from the grid continue to rise in the future. Not only that – he’s also playing his part in protecting the planet too!

Solar PV panels installed on a mossy roof.


per year
3700 kWh


How does solar battery storage work?

Your solar panels generate electricity when sunlight hits them during the day. The batteries store any energy that you don’t use. The stored power can then be used at other times when there isn’t as much sunlight, such as at night.

Solar panel battery storage gives you more independence from traditional electricity companies. It also helps save your hard-earned money by using less electricity from the grid. With a solar home battery storage system, you can use solar energy day and night. Get in touch for a free no-obligation quote now!


Are solar panels with battery storage worth it?

Absolutely, yes. Using battery storage with solar panels enables you to store excess energy generated during the day for use during periods of low or no sunlight, reducing reliance on the grid. This can lead to significant energy savings and increased energy independence. Our customers are able to harness twice as much energy from their solar PV systems by storing excess energy in their batteries for later use.

Does a solar battery storage system affect my feed-in tariff?

No, adding a battery to an existing system with a feed-in tariff does not have any effect on the tariff you receive. The FIT tariff is based on how much energy you produce, whether or not it is stored in the battery.

Can a battery power my house when I have a power cut?

A lot of our customers unfortunately live in areas where power cuts are more common than others. This is where producing and storing your own energy comes in handy. Our battery supplier, LuxpowerTek, offers EPS (Emergency Power Switch) for installations that need it. So, we’ll ensure you are never left in the dark again!

What solar panel battery storage capacity would I need?

We design all our systems bespoke for each customer. We’ll assess how much energy your household is producing and how it is being used. After all, what might be good for your neighbour might not suit you. We never sell you something you don’t need – our goal is to save you money!

How long does the solar battery last?

In the past five years, solar technology has greatly improved. The old lead acid batteries used in cars are inefficient and clunky. Since they were introduced, lithium-ion batteries have become widely used and have significantly improved energy storage. You can now expect a 10–15 year lifespan on your solar panel battery storage system.

How do I monitor how much energy is stored in my battery?

Customers can keep track of how much energy they have stored using our friendly all-in-one solar PV and battery storage app.

Is there a warranty period?

All our products come with a 10-year workmanship warranty, as well as the manufacturer’s guarantee.

What happens if I move home?

This one’s simple, take it with you. Our solar panel battery storage systems are small and portable, enabling you to take it to your new property. Our qualified electricians can connect your battery to your solar panels, inverter and new home’s electrical system.

Friendly finance

When it comes to solar energy, we provide everything under the sun, including finance. That’s why we offer solar panel installation and battery storage with no upfront costs through our fantastic FCA-regulated finance options.