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Store your own energy

Store Your Own

Storing your own energy is made easy with our solar pv battery systems.

Store the energy you have produced throughout the day and use it when you actually need it! Battery systems allow you to store the excess energy your solar panels have produced and use at a later time. This allows you to utilise your energy usage and maximise the amount of savings you receive. (the addition of a battery does not affect your feeding tariff.)

Reasons to Store Your Own

Store the energy you produce yourself

Now your producing your own energy like millions of other properties in the UK, adding a smart battery to your system allows you to store the energy you use and utilise it instead of sending it back to the grid (If you already on a F.I.T this will NOT affect your payments)

Become more grid independent

Store your own energy and use it when you need to, this allows more freedom of energy usage and reduces your grid dependence which in turn saves you money.

Protect yourself against rising energy prices

Electricity prices in the UK have risen on average of around 10% per annum. Storing your own protects you against these rises that we come across year on year.

Buy cheap and use peak

Some of our customers take advantage of the Economy 7 tariff which allows you to store your own electricity into your smart battery on the lower rate and use during peak hours. This will reduce your bill even further.

Get paid for what you store

Our battery supplier Lux Power Tek have recently partnered up with the leading green energy supplier in the UK, Octopus Energy. By using the Agile tariff, you can be paid for the electricity you store and do not use.

With our expertise in the solar world you can take full advantage of our solar system 24/7 365 days of the year.

(There are many different factors we take into consideration when installing a smart battery system. Every system installed by Everyone’s Energy UK has been vetted by our experienced teams to ensure full potential for all our customers*)

Store Your Own - Save Money

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All products sold by us are covered by our own warranty alongside the excellent manufacturers guarantee. Your peace of mind is important to us.

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Your Questions Answered

Does a battery affect my feeding tariff?

No, adding a battery to an existing system with a feeding tariff does not have any effect on the tariff you receive. The FIT tariff is calculated by your generation metre of energy produced, regardless if it is stored in a battery or not.

Can a battery power my house when I have a power cut?

A lot of our customers unfortunately live in areas where power cuts are more common than others. This is where the producuing and storing your own energy comes in handy, LUX tek, our battery supplier makes EPS (emergency power switch) available for those installs that need it. So you will never be left in the dark again!

What size battery would I need?

All of our systems are designed uniquely for each customer. We would determine the amount of energy being used and the way it is being used within your household. After all, what might be good for your neighbour might not suit you!

How long does a battery last?

The technology in the solar industry has improved massively in the last 5 years, old lead acid battery such as the ones we see in motor vehicles are inefficient and bulky. Lith ion batteries are now very popular and have improved the way we can store energy tenfold since coming to the market. The batteries we supply all come with warranties.

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