Air Source Heat Pump Installers Welwyn Garden City

Air Source Heat Pump Installers in Welwyn Garden City

Generate Your Own Energy

Air source heat pumps are a modern and more efficient way of heating your property in Welwyn Garden City. With gas prices rising year on year and fossil fuels becoming an increasingly less popular way of generating energy

By 2025 the UK has announced plans to end fossil fuel heat systems, this means that any new installs from then will have to be a renewable option i.e. air source/ground source heat pumps, biomass boiler systems etc.

Air source is extremely easy to install and beats the above in terms of smooth and efficient installations. With the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) now is the best time to switch!

5 Reasons To Generate Your Own


1: Take advantage of government incentive

The UK government are offering an incentive called The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (The Domestic RHI), this allows quarterly payments for having an air source heat pump installed. The payments are up to £1,400 per annum for 7 years in total, this makes them a fantastic investment which is why they are so attractive to homeowners.

2: Create a cheaper green energy source

By not using the traditional fossil fuels, you can create yourself a much cheaper and efficient energy source.

3: Lead rather than follow

By 2025 the UK has announced plans to end fossil fuel heat systems, its best to take full advantage of the domestic RHI and not delay. Be a leader rather than a follower.

4: Fit & Forget

Once installing an air source heat pump you can exactly that, Fit and forget! The LG Therma V R32 is extremely efficient, has a great easy to use monitoring system and little maintenance needed.

5: Reducing Carbon Footprint

Air source heat pumps are not only extremely highly efficient, but they also let of a lot less carbon the more conventional heating systems. Less servicing needed and save the planet.

Join the 10 Million extra housholds who will have solar installed by the end of 2020 (standard set up: 12 panels, 4kw system producing 10-15 kilowatts per day*) This will feed the average houshold useage of 8-10 kilowatts*.


Your Questions Answered

How exactly do I get paid?

Under the government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), property owners are paid quarterly a fixed rate to switch to an Air Source Heat Pump this can reach up to £1,400 P.A over a 7-year period. Much like the earlier tariff for Solar PV, this is an incentive for the UK to become more carbon neutral. There has been insight that by 2025 any new heating systems installed to any property will have to be in the category, the RHI is at its highest rate at this moment in time.

Where would it go, how big is it?

There is 2 units, both different sizes but one would be situated outside the property (this looks like the exterior unit for an Air Conditioning unit). The inside is similar size to a traditional water tank this would be installed inside the property.

How loud is it ?

These systems are very quiet when running, the exact decibel levels for a system we supply ranges from 52-55 DB, the sound of a library is on average is 40DB so as you can imagine, not loud at all.

How long has the technology been around?

The technology is not new at all; the first heat pump was produced in 1885. Since then the technology has just increased, used more commonly in Scandinavia as they are able to withhold the – °C temperatures.

How long do they last?

The LG Therma V R32 comes with a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty. As long as you service it every year, they can last up to 20+ years.


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